What everyone is saying!

  • “‘The Legend’s Son’ skewers big-time College Football like no other book I’ve come across. Hilarious, insightful and downright accurate to the state of the college game I love. Do yourself a favor, READ THIS BOOK. You will enjoy the hell out of it.”

    -Cris G., Gainsville, Florida

    “One of the best books about Alabama football.”

    -Neil L., Durham, North Carolina

    “This has to be the best sports satire ever written!”

    -Ben McCain, Los Angeles TV Anchor

    “This book will sell a million copies in the state of Alabama alone! The people in Alabama will love it!”

    -Barry C., Mobile Alabama

    “The first thing I noticed is Willie’s tremendous writing style. Then the characters and the plot are well rounded and fit so well together.”

    -Jenny K., Denver, Colorado

    “I couldn’t put this book down! You will laugh yourself silly reading this book. I’m going back to read it again. It’s that good. And I don’t even like college football.”

    -Terri S., Pampa, Texas

    “The wit was incredible. One hilarious paragraph after another. This was incredibly entertaining.”

    -Jack W., Philadelphia

    “In your father’s shadow, it’s a lot to ask to stand behind it ultimately. “The Legend’s Son: The Ulta-Competitive World of Alabama Football” is the story of Northern boy Pat Murphy as he travels to the deep south of America and find he may as well be across the world. Fascinated by the spirit and pride of local sports, he follows a local legend’s son into his own game. A novel of the South’s passion, “The Legend’s Son” is a fascinating and highly recommended read.”

    -The Midwest Book Review

    “Pat Murphy, an Irish-Catholic and a stout northerner from Philadelphia, suddenly finds himself south of the Mason-Dixon Line. The only thing he knows about the south is what he has read in the history books: Civil War, Civil Rights and the Ku Klux Klan. When he lands a job as a sportscaster for Channel 10 news in Montgomery, Alabama, he is right in the heart of the Deep South and football country. You have to realize that, in Alabama, football is “the way of life.” This is where he learns about the legendary coach Doug (Babe) James. When you talk to anybody down in Alabama, Coach James was “the man” and was responsible for the Alabama football team to become segregated. James is only one quite a cast of comical characters Murphy encounters throughout his career as a sportscaster.”


    “Alabama is one of my favorite beach vacation spots. The author is right the culture is Alabama is old south. I love to hear that beautiful southern accent. Pat Murphy must have had culture shock when he arrived in Alabama. The writing style is first person narrative. The humor in this tale is divine. I recommend this book for adults, the language is a bit coarse and some scenes too “mature” for younger readers.”

    -Readers Favorite

    “Funny and entertaining! The events were real but the names have been changed to protect the innocent (and the guilty!).”

    -Charlie C., Angel Fire, New Mexico

    “The Legend’s Son is the most breathtaking piece of literature to emerge from the American South since the heyday of Williams Faulkner, Flannery O’Connor and Truman Capote.  The scintillating novel evokes the dark humor, pathos, humanity and powerful manifestations of myth and legend in society and the human heart that are the stuff of life itself. The character Terry is the finest-drawn, most magnificent and tumultuously extra-super fictional character since Falstaff, Hamlet, Christ of the New Testament and Homer Simpson. The novel is truly the product of genius. And that Terry guy, what a character, holy smokes! If there’s anybody out there remotely like him, I bet he could run for governor of Alabama and win in a landslide!”

    -Tom E., Montgomery, Alabama

    “What happens when you cross All The King’s Men with southern-fried college football? You get Willie Backer’s debut novel. With tongue firmly planted in cheek, Backer delivers. His version of Willie Stark, Babe James, takes the gridiron on a broken-field run to the end zone, and Backer shows why the game means so much–especially in Alabama, when it doesn’t border on religion, it IS religion.”

    -Doug Segrest, Birmingham, Alabama

    “I am a school teacher and started reading this book on day while monitoring my study hall. I started laughing so hard my students must have thought I was on crack. The first two chapters were the funniest things I ever read. The rest of the book was the same way. Too funny!”

    -Mike C, Dallas, Texas

    “This is a must-read for any fan of the Southeastern Conference. All the war stories about the SEC are here, and told in the funniest way imaginable.”

    -Jon C, San Diego, California