How Come You Never See Him Riding Around Tuscaloosa On A Motorcycle?

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Willie Backer

is an award-winning, veteran writer who has chronicled major news and sports events all across america, and is the author of the brand new book " The Legends Son...and the Ultra-competitive World of Alabama Football.

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  • Cathy Casper Cathy Casper 09.04.2010

    Thanks you for accepting my friend request on FB. I discovered your website through it and enjoyed it. Looking forward to some more! Born and raised in Alabama. Went to UA 1974-78. Left Alabama for North Carolina in 1987. Not much Roll Tide around here! So, connections I made on FB, and reading articles like yours, make up for it. Now, if I could just get you to do at least a little GO DUKE during basketball season! Hey, in NC in basketball, like Alabama in foorball, you gotta pick a team and go with it. My husband got his PhD from Duke, so, . . . .!!

  • Talking about Suzi Storm.Did you know, She was from Pensacola, Florida.

  • Yes I did. She was a military kid and moved around a bit, but Pensacola is where she called home and that is why Joe Willie described her as “southern groovy.”

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